Saturday, 20 August 2016

BA-64 Pin wash & Dot Fading

After a coat of gloss varnish I've added a pin wash to the model then followed up with some oil dot fading. It's all quite subtle but hopefully will show through once matte coated. I'm not adding any filters to the model as I don't want to loose the colours or add too many effects to it. Once the matte is on I think just some pigments should suffice.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Tamiya Humber A/C Fin!

Well today I started and finished off a small simple base to display the model on. I used some 2mm static grass which is perfect for this scale and some model railway bushes which look pretty good for brambles. I'm very pleased with the base as it sets off the model nicely and gives it some context. This has been a really fun project and the humber is an absolute joy to build and paint.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

BA-64 More Chipping & Humber A/C Final Stages

The BA is painting itself I'm sure of it. It's just so easy to paint and detail in this scale, I could really get into 1/48th armour. It seems to be a happy medium between braille scale and my usual 1/35th. Anyway I have added a few more chips with a fine brush and enhanced the tools for better definition. The figure was painted in a couple of hours and very nice he looks too fitting perfectly as he does in the turret.

The Humber is now almost done after adding some 1mm lenses for the rear brake lights and front side lights. I then used graphite powder for the metallic areas of the model and finally dusted the model using wilder GP08 dry european mud and GP29 river sand pigments. I dusted the model using dry pigments only. I'm very pleased with this little model and the red zebra stowage only enhances an already first class model. I'll be making up a small dio base over the next few days to display it.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tamiya BA-64B Chipping

I've just spent a very pleasant couple of hours adding some chipping & painting the tools on the model. I used a mix of vallejo German field grey & white plus German camo dark brown for the chipping and applied the effects with some sponge and a fine brush. The turret numbers were hand painted.

I'm very pleased with the effects so far, just a little bit more to add and then I can start on the washes etc.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Humber A/C & BA-64 A/C Progress

Both models are progressing well so starting with the Humber the Matt varnish has now been sprayed on and I've added the search light lenses. I'm waiting on some 1mm lenses to finish off the lights then I can get the pigments done.

The BA-64 has now had a primer coat and main colours sprayed on. Here I used tamiya XF65 field grey as a base colour then added XF71 IJN cockpit green to lighten the tone. This was followed by small amounts of white added to the mix which was sprayed very carefully in the centre of panels. 

And finally here's a comparison picture showing the really small size of the BA-64. The Humber's small but it dwarfs this little thing!