Saturday, 17 March 2018

Lanchester Paintwork Take 2

Today the paintwork went on the model after a nice dark grey primer coat. I've used mr hobby H308 and a few drops of tamiya XF 23. The colour this time is much more to my liking than the previous attempt. I then added white to the mix and sprayed highlights and fading to the model. 

Even better the paint went on smooth as silk and level so I'm a happy chap. I'll let this cure for a day or so before progressing.

Friday, 16 March 2018

Takom Bundeswehr Steinbock Forklift Finished

The model is now all finished and on it's base. I've left the container loose so I can show the wear on the forks if I so wish. The figure has also not been added as in the end I thought he didn't add anything to the finished scene.

I'm rather chuffed with this one as it's totally different from anything else I usually build. Also the kit although not without it's tricky areas is very well detailed and builds up really well. I'm also particularly pleased with how the VMS matt varnish & pigments performed as the final stages are usually the most critical in any build, they ensured it all went as planned.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Bundeswehr Forklift Pigments

Here's the model after a session of pigments and adding all the separate parts. I used a mix of VMS 04 sand "A" & 04 sand "dull". Both worked extremely well. For the rubber tyres I first gave them a misting with VMS matt varnish just to dull down the very shiny rubber then once dry dusted them with pigments. I then removed the access with my finger.   

Again the varnish worked very well and I must say it's very robust on the model with no wearing away or as you sometimes get with other varnishes shiny areas due to excessive handling. The front headlight guards were a devil to fit as the ends need to be bent to 90 degrees and then only the very tips! However once in place they look great.

I still have a bit more to do with the pigments and also need to add some staining possibly to show oil & grease.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Forklift Fun

Today I've started adding all the glazing and lights to the forklift and a very tricky job it's been. Because I elected to add the glazing after painting the model some pieces needed a little sanding on the edges to fit properly. Slow and steady is the way to go here. I fixed the glazing in with tiny amounts of tamiya extra thin glue. 

If you are careful and let capillary action take the glue into the joins a strong and non fogging bond can be had. Over the weekend I also painted up a figure to go with the model and finished off the pallets. Lots more still to add and final weathering with some pigments needs to be done as well but it's getting closer to the finish line.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

VMS Stuff & Lots Done

Today I received my expected items from VMS. Really fast delivery as ever as it was posted Monday. I've topped up again on some more pigments and also bought some of their new acrylic varnish & paint remover.

We will look at the clean slate remover first and here I used it on the lanchester to remove the lumpy and unsatisfactory paintwork. This stuff is non toxic and only has a slight smell which isn't really unpleasant. You just pour some on the model using a suitable container then let it sit for a while. 

You will see the paint start to lift and ripple on the model. Using a stiff brush I then removed the paint, it even strips the primer off leaving bare plastic. I am really impressed with the clean slate, it does what it says and is excellent. It should be noted that it's only for acrylic paints as well.


On to the VMS varnish now, they have just released three varnishes, matt, gloss & satin. I used the matt on the forklift after my problems with the last bottle of AK rubbish. The varnish needs no thinning just a really good shake of the bottle. I then sprayed this over the parts and immediately I saw a really good matting of the surfaces. 

I went over with four light passes and the model went dead flat. Better still there were no lumps and it went through the airbrush brilliantly. I'm really pleased with the finish and with the ease of application. You can also use the varnish with a brush for touch ups or small areas. It's early days yet but I can say this is the best varnish I've ever used.

As you can see a superb matt finish. I've also been working on a base for the model and a figure to go with it.

So a busy day so far with the rugby just starting too! You can get VMS products direct from them or selected stockists which they list on the website.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

A Grey Update

The lanchester figure has now been primed and is ready for paint. You can see how well cast it is.

The lanchester however has had some issues with the admiralty grey. On initial spraying it would not adhere to the primer and seemed to be drying before hitting the model. Even a drop or two of retarder couldn't stop a lumpy paint finish. So I'll have to strip it back and have another go.

The little 251 has now had a coat of primer as well.

So with the lanchester needing a strip back & the forklift needing a more reliable matt varnish I'm going to work on the 251, forklift accessories & Lanchester figure while I await deliveries! 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Lanchester Figure & More For The Stash

Here's the figure built up and very good he looks too. The resin is really nice and detail is crisp. The arms locate via pegs and the fit is so good no filler is needed. I really like the relaxed pose with a cup of tea! I also made up one of the brass buckets and typically it did not fit the holder. No problem as I just used a spare one and made a new handle for it. 

I'm thinking of a scene where the chaps having a well earned meal break so have already researched WW1 British rations so I can make some up to go on the crate.

Also today a belated birthday present arrived from Japan. I received some vouchers for my birthday so decided to get this smashing Fine molds JGSDF type 60 APC and etch set for a very good price. I've coveted this kit for some time so it's nice to finally own one. Expect to see this one on the bench soon!